Lusty Beg Island Retreat : A Review

This time last weekend I was sitting on the shores of Lusty Beg island, sipping something tasty and enjoying the company of  fellow bloggers, Sinéad from Bumbles of Rice and Lucy from Learner Mama. All around us was peaceful quietude. Swans gliding through the water in the little harbour, tiny waves sloshing gently against the green edges of the island and beautiful views in every direction. It was gorgeous.
It takes roughly 2 hours 40 minutes to travel from the Dublin area to the wilds of Fermanagh, where Lusty Beg is situated- though it took me slightly longer because I was very casual about my travel arrangements and never even looked up directions before I left home. I had decided to rely on Ms. Google Maps for directions, completely forgetting that once I crossed the border and 'roaming' set in, she would forsake me. Of course, I later discovered that in the North, you can choose your own network and so avoid roaming issues but that was of no use to me as I drove aimlessly around Enniskillen for 20 minutes! 
Eventually, a call to a far more organised Sinéad got me back on track and our arrivals coincided. We even ended up sharing the tiny ferry, that takes only two cars at a time across the water to the island. Lucy met us at the door of our fabulous 4* lodge accommodation and we all spent the next while oohing and aahing over every nook and cranny of it and raising a glass to our stay  - on our own private balcony, overlooking the lake, if you don't mind.
While we were on the island we were spoiled with a treatment each at the Island Spa. I had the Voyager Total Massage Journey which was 90 minutes of pure bliss and included body brushing, body massage and a scalp massage that was so soothing it sent me straight to sleep! We also took a dip in the pool and enjoyed some time in the relaxation room which was well stocked with fresh fruit, infused water and tea/coffee, etc.
Though our accommodation was self-catering, we ate all of our meals in the Island Restaurant. The breakfast was a self-service buffet affair and had a huge selection of cooked and fresh food. I was really impressed with the array of fresh fruit on offer. Often in hotels you'll find fruit salad of the tinned variety - but in Lusty Beg there were several types of freshly chopped melon, strawberries, apples, oranges and more. For the rest of our meals we found that the restaurant and bar menu (one and the same) had something to satisfy all tastes. Highlights for me were the Chicken Liver Pâté starter and the Lamb Steak main. Both were flavourful and satisfying. I also sampled the freshly baked scones, served with cream and jam, as we sheltered from a sudden downpour on our second afternoon there. They were the perfect antidote to the inclement weather. Who could say no to a scone and a cuppa by the fire on a rainy afternoon?!
Unfortunately, we never made it to 'The Thatch' - the small, thatched pub on the island because we didn't realise it was there on the first night and on the Sunday night it was closed - but it looked like a lovely spot. I'll just have to go back to make sure ;) I did, however, treat myself to a 'Lusty Lady' cocktail from the very tempting cocktail menu in the main bar and it was absolutely divine.
 Something that struck me while I was there was how Lusty Beg offers so much for such a relatively small place. It took under an hour for the girls and I to stroll around the circumference of the entire Island (and I mean stroll - we were very leisurely!) yet, there were tons of things to do. Besides the gorgeous spa, there is a beautiful nature trail, a 4x4 off-road driving course (including an option for under 12s!), archery, canoe hire, clay pigeon shooting and boat hire all available on site. There is also a playground and a games room available to residents.
That, coupled with the wide range of accommodation types (self catering and B&B), means it's suitable for all types of visitors. From weddings or conferences to family breaks, girlie weekends and hen & stag parties - Lusty Beg could easily cater from them all. 

I could also imagine using it for myself as a writer's retreat. It's incredibly quiet, full of inspiring views and, as there is no wifi on the island (except in the restaurant/bar), there is a lot less temptation for procrastination. I might even get some work done! 
Mostly, I'd love to go back with my family in tow. Not only would my girls and Devo enjoy the activities on-site but there are some fabulous attractions in the area too. I have the Marble Arch Caves, Belleek Pottery and Enniskillen Castle on my 'to-see' list. I also spotted the Sheelin Antique Lace Museum in the area and regret not stopping for a peep.

Lusty Beg is a pretty unique and utterly charming destination. A perfect getaway to relax and unwind. I highly recommend a visit!

Disclosure: I was invited to visit Lusty Beg island resort as a guest, for the purposes of review. As always, all opinions are my own and I was not paid to give them. Huge thank you to the staff of Lusty Beg and Rachel Dalton Communications for their time and generosity.


  1. I want to go! It sounds absolutely gorgeous.

    1. It's fabulous! We should totally organise a blogger meetup there :)

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