The Big Blogger Bug Hunt

Sábha is minibeast mad, so when we were invited to take part in 'The Big Blogger Bug Hunt' by Anthisan Bite and Sting Cream, she was thrilled to take part. The bug-hunt is a fun and educational campaign that is encouraging parents to get out into their garden with their children and see what creepy crawlies they can find. The aim is to try and help raise awareness of what’s breeding in back gardens all over the country while also having a bit of fun.

Sábha is the kind of child who captures bees in jars, and adopts pet snails and woodlouse. She studies the ants that live inside our front door-step and doesn't flinch when big spiders run across the floor. I've also witnessed her sneaking up on butterflies and catching them in her hands. She is the ultimate nature-girl and is full of information about the kinds of things you can find in your back garden.

Sábha decided to make a video to share some of her favourite 'nature' facts. However, I'm not sure where the idea to talk about frogs came from, as we've never found a frog in our garden...

Bug-hunting is a great back-garden adventure and you'd be amazed at the amount of creepy-crawlies that live in even the smallest of gardens. It's always handy to have a tube of Anthisan to hand in case of any bites or stings... though I'm not sure how effective it is on frog bites ;)

If the weather is awful (like it is this weekend) you could still have a bug-adventure by using the Build Your Own Bug feature on the Anthisan website. It's great fun to make a mash-up of all your favourite creepy creatures.

Do your little ones like creepy crawlies?

Disclosure: We received a 'bug safari kit' to help us write this post. Sábha loves it!


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