'Dog' - made from a small ball of wool, a medicine cup, an broken elastic, cardboard and tape.
Lately, Sábha has begun describing herself as a 'finder'. Her favourite thing to do is play 'finders-club' - a game she invented with a classmate. She is like a magpie - her eyes constantly scanning for treasures that no one else sees. Or rather... that no one else would even want to touch*. She comes home from school with her pockets full of random pieces of plastic, small sticks, leaves, old receipts and anything else that catches her eye.
'Crocodile eating lunch'
She's a child that is not overly interested in toys, preferring far more, to  run and climb and dance and use her imagination in a different way to most children I know. After she collects a handful of treasures she sets about making her own 'toys' out of the things she has found.
'Car' - made from a peg, broken plastic, cardboard, wool, tape.
She doesn't keep them, however. Each 'toy' is a gift for someone else. For her like-minded friend or for someone in her family.
'Smart Phone' - made from a clothes tag and an old balloon.
All of the enjoyment for her is in the finding and the making. In moving. Always moving.
'Fishing Rod' - made from wire, string, curtain hook, paper.

I believe she'll go far!

*Yes, I am constantly reminding her to wash her hands. Like... 500 times a day...


  1. That's so lovely! I find things in my small boy's pockets... but they might be things that have to go in the bin...

    1. Most of these things *should* be in the bin and I live in genuine fear of the germs she's possibly picking up but I do adore the things she makes so it's a catch 22! Thanks for commenting xx

  2. Reminds me so much of little childers I know !! She will probably be healthier than everyone else thanks to all those germs :D

    1. I imagine some of your littles would be similar alright! She probably will be healthier. Still though... bleuch!


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