Just 7

On Sunday, Lile and Sábha turned seven.


It's a number I hadn't particularly looked forward to to be honest. I think it was reading all those Steiner books when they were smaller that did it. I had read over and over about how seven was the end of the 'dreamy early years' and that it brought 'the age of reason' - a time of rapid brain development that made children more sensible, more capable of sitting still, of reading and doing maths.
It's another of those bitter-sweet moments that parenting brings. There's a sadness that the magical dreamy-ness of early childhood is fading away. Am I really ready for them to be so sensible? Can't they stay little forever?

But there's also a sense of excitement about the next phase. We're having wonderful conversations lately. There are fewer battles over silly things. Their empathy is ever-expanding. They are more curious than ever about the world around them - but on a deeper level than before. Seven has it's merits for sure.

I usually write a piece about each of them, as they are, the night before their birthday. This year, I wasn't feeling very well and as soon as I had their cake baked I needed to go to bed. Instead, I'll share a snapshot of them as they are at 'Just 7'


Lile at just seven is strong-willed and quick tempered but she knows right from wrong and is always quick to apologise if she's the one in the wrong - even if she finds it hard to admit sometimes. 

She is incredibly patient with her baby cousins and really enjoys their company - especially if they're naughty. She finds that hilarious. She also adores her grandmothers and misses her great-grandmother, who passed away last October, terribly. After never really being fussed about friends, she's made some solid friendships with kids her own age over the last while too and it's a joy to see them play together.

Lile draws herself to sleep every night. She attaches a little book-light to a notebook and fills page after page with wild imaginings. She's always 'making books' too and even won a write-a-book competition recently! (More on that soon!)

Lile has a job. She works out of the box-room in her grandmother's house where she has set up a desk on an old dressing table. She has a defunct push-button-phone, a toy laptop, a cardboard 'tablet' and a shoebox full of her 'paperwork'. Nobody knows exactly what her job is (because we're not allowed into her office) but it seems to make her happy.

At just seven, Lile is still obsessed with cats. Some things never change...


At just seven, Sábha is a sweetheart. She always tries to do and say the right thing - even if that means coming up with some tall tales in the process...

She has always been 'a friend to all' in her class but she seems particularly taken with a certain few of late and it's nice to see her form deeper connections. She particularly likes 'big girls' and there are a few 9-year-olds in her life that she idolises. Luckily the feelings seem to be mutual.

Sábha is curious about the world and full of questions. She has a particular interest in nature and is happiest exploring the great outdoors. She also loves music and has just begun to learn to play the guitar.

Although Sábha still has aspirations to be a scientist rock-star she is also a budding artist. She loves to make things from found objects and has even made an artist friend in Germany with whom she swaps collections and photos. (More on that soon!)

At just seven, Sábha still a bundle of boundless energy. I doubt this will change anytime soon either...
Happy seven, my darlings. Please don't grow up too soon!
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  1. So sweet. I felt the same when my baby turned seven, but so far it is a lovely age. Happy birthday to your two amazing little ladies xxx

  2. Awww! That's such a lovely tribute. Happy birthday to your two.


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