My Nametags Review + Giveaway

We were recently offered the chance to review some My Nametags Colour Stickers. It was perfectly timed for us too, as Lile and Sábha's school swimming lessons were just about to start back and I had labelled nothing in preparation.

We had a lot of fun choosing our designs. I always find it amusing how different my girls are to each other. It took quite a long while for them to settle on their 'perfect' design, but in the end, Lile chose pink lovehearts, cats and a swirly purple font and Sábha chose camouflage, foxes and a bold yellow font. They were really pleased with the results.
We've since labelled everything they own with them. Their swimming gear and bag. Their schoolbags. They have also been used on their uniforms (because the permanent markers I used to write their names on their uniform tags last year had completely washed off) and on their lunchboxes and drinks bottles. We even put them on their scooters!

All of these items (apart from the scooters and schoolbags) have been through the wash a couple of times and are the labels are still perfect as they are 100% waterproof. We also have plenty left for use next year when they will have inevitably grown out of everything.
These labels are perfect for school, for Easter/Summer camps, sports gear and for labeling any other equipment your children might have... or have a habit of losing.

If you'd like to label everything your kid owns, you should enter the giveaway below to win some My Nametags Colour Stickers

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Disclosure: We were given two sets of My Nametags Colour Stickers for the purposes of review. All opinions are my own, however, and I was not compensated in any other way to give them.


  1. I'd have to let the boy choose it we won they would be for him after all! The Mr Men ones look cute though

    1. I'm sure he knows *exactly* what he likes :) Good luck Kellie and thanks for entering. x

  2. I'd go for the bees and stick them all over my drum kit.

  3. I've had these for all my kids but I have run out for the older ones. Not surprisingly both are now without their (unlabelled) coats. We'd love more!

  4. Omg how cute! I love cats! But I'm sure my son would pick something different!

  5. What a good and cute idea! My daughter is in kindergarded this would be great for her

  6. My daughter would probably go for the fox design. What does the fox say....

  7. My guess would be the cats!


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