My Love Affair with a DFS Chair

You might remember that, back in June, I attended the launch of the new DFS Capsule Collection in London? Well, with the collection finally about to hit Irish shores this month (tomorrow - September 12th to be exact!) DFS sent me my choice of chair from the collection to review. 

I KNOW!!!! How lucky can one girl get?!
I absolutely loved the entire collection - so the decision wasn't an easy one. I'm quite a practical, sensible person for the most part so my first instinct was to play it safe and to choose something that would fit in with the rest of our furniture and be practical with young children in the house.

... Then I had a word with myself. An opportunity to choose something like this doesn't come along too often and I would have been a fool to go with my head over my heart. In the end, I chose the chair I most adored. In the fabric I couldn't stop touching. And in a colour that I LOVE (but that matched nothing in my entire house).
Now as luck would have it (sort of), the point finally came this Summer when I had to relinquish my claim on the box bedroom office and pass it on to one of the children who had been begging for a bedroom of her own for a long, long time. This means that Devo and I will be sharing the small 'music room' downstairs from now on. I started to get excited about putting my fabulous chair in my our new work space but the reality was, that housing desk space for both of us plus all of his music gear, plus all of my craft/stationery stuff, plus my beautiful chair... (and maybe a chair for him too because no one else is allowed to sit on my chair!) would be a challenge. 
The largest obstacle to squeezing us both in was the huge unusable fireplace in one corner, so we knew to make it work... we had to do some work. With the promise of a chair being handmade especially for us the motivation was there to make the room really special... and pretty much design it around the chair!

We still have some finishing touches to make to the room but the first piece to be moved in was, of course my 'Calm' wing back chair (€556) in sumptuous mustard velvet. I absolutely LOVE it.
It is by far my favourite corner of the house now. It's calm (living up to it's name!), restful and the chair is really comfortable. It's a perfect space to sit and listen to music or read or have a doze.

Here are the details of how I've styled it:

Wall colour: 'Delicate Willow' by Dulux
Throw: Ikea (Similar)
Moroccan-style side-table: Flying Tiger
Scented Candle: The Dingle Candle in No. 7 Scent.

We're still working on choosing art for the room too, so I've just hung a couple of postcards and a poster in complimentary colours to break up the blankness of the walls. I'll do reveal of the rest of the room very soon to.

But, for now, you can have a look at the rest of the collection HERE or in my previous piece about this collection

What do you think of the collection? Do you have a favourite piece?
Disclosure: This post was done in collaboration with DFS, who provided the chair for review. All images, words and thoughts are my own and I was not compensated in any other way. Visit their website to find out more about their great range of DFS Sofas


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    1. ThanksNicola! Isn't it a gorgeous chair?! The whole collection is fabulous tbh!


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