Dancing Umbrellas

We get a real mixture of all kinds of weather at this time of year from heavy rain, to snow-days and even bursts sunshine. Explore these types of weather with your little ones by making and shaking these fun, Dancing Umbrellas.

You Will Need:

Coloured Paper/Card
Lollipop Sticks
Pencil & Scissors


  1. Draw around a small plate and cut out a circle. Fold the circle roughly in half. You can make one side larger than the other if you would like a larger umbrella.
  2. Draw a scalloped edge along the fold and cut out. You can add decorative lines to your umbrella if you wish.
  3. Stick a lollipop stick to the rear of the umbrella to make a handle.
  4. Cut various short lengths of string and stick to the back of the umbrella.
  5. Draw and cut out snowflakes, raindrops or little suns and attach them to the ends of the string. Why not add a mixture of each to your umbrella to truly reflect the Irish weather!


  1. These are beautiful! Love this idea!Your instructions are great!!!

  2. These look fab & so simple to do

  3. I lovel your idea I am thinking in make Brigit doll with something similar Thank you !!!

  4. These are simply awesome. Loved your instructions.


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